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Activism, its affect on the dairy industry and its influence on the media.

For the past two years there has been a ongoing attack on the dairy industry and it has been led in core by activism, there has been some truth but a lot of misdirection involved and selective reporting. Firstly i am a dairy farmer and an environmentalist - yes that is correct i work in the industry that is known colloquially by the activist as "Dirty Dairying" but i also have deep care and understanding of the importance of our environment. The way in which farming has been shown in the media both social and national has driven me to write this article. I want to show a different perspective and challenge what the activists have shown by using examples and evidence. I will try to keep emotion out of my argument. I will investigate bobby calves investigation by safe and farmwatch, , mainstreams media perception. and whta the dairy industry is hoping to achieve. 

Firstly Bobby calves are not a waste product of the dairy industry, they are a valuable export and allow the opening of meatworks up and down nz to open earlier for the seasonal workers. (EXPLAIN VEAL EXPORT QUALITY EVIDENCE ETC0800 269 2648 anzco ) (AMOUNT OF PEOPLE WORKS EMPLOY) There was a investigation done by activist group Farmwatch. (SHOW FOOTAGE) This showed hgorrific evidence of some horrible practices from some farmers meat works and truck workers. I do wish they had taken the footage to MPI earlier rather than 18 mopnths later so that someting could be done earlier. No excuse for wat had been happenng and drove a good rethjink of boibbyu industry. The biggest issue that most farmers had with the people that took that footage was how it was edited how they illegally placed said cameras (LINK FARMER WHO FOUND CAMERA) In June 2015 Inductions were outlawed LINK SAFE AND DAIRY NZ. I was shocked by inductions when i first started but realised last season that those 10-15 cows that we would have induced are now culled at the end of the season as they are calving later and later. so rather than saving a life as safe would have youy believe you are costing two. effectively the new law means that more cows die. Five freedoms hunger thirst display natral behaviour, freedom from oain suffering etc, shelter. (LINK EVIDENCE) FOnterra inspection wxplain sheds etc. new regulatiuons. Increased use sexed semen rearing off specific beefy crosses

Safe and farmwatch use highly emotive language which correlates with the social and mainstream media there facts do not need to be supportive of there argument - 2 million babies die(EVIDENCE OF HIGHLY EMOTIVE PICTURES ETC) Safe and farmwatch have an agenda and it isn't animal rights its promoting a vegan lifestyle they will never be happy with farming and will continually attack the agricultural industry which supports 64 percent of nz. (LINK EVIDENCE) TVNZ did a show just this last week (LINK SHOW) it got a horrific outcry by the dairy farmers throughout the country and most were accusing tvnz of a stich up, they used somber cold music over the more intensive farmer, who was not up to basic farming levels  hip lifters three wheeler helmet general cleanliness dirty barn dirty udders calving cow 24 hours irrigator . visited him at end of spring but compared to hobby farm 40 cows hardly any hard questions to her destroyed him. The approach from Sunday was one of its more popular to attack an industry than support it. Poor journalistic effort horrific editing no expert opinion two different types of cows. any response by dairy farmers to defend themselves has been met with sayings like Fonterra would say that protect the big boy etc. Rachel Stewart came out a few months back (LINK) and said that we had to cull our cow population by 80 percent with no evidence and yet our media ran with it like it was gospel. Mike Joy says dairy farmings costing X amount a year in environmental damage ( LINK) No evidence his word is gospel. SAFE and Farmwatch claim that there is systematic cruelty on dairy farms (LINK) No evidence media lap that up too. A Dairy farmer says hey guys that is not true and is abused called a liar and more even if he shows you what he has on his farm. I sat there last year in the pouring rain with cow 295 7 year old cow she had gone down after calving with metabolic issues i treated her gave her all the care i could and she died on me i was gutted, i can remember most cows that we have lost on this farm and my last and we are portrayed as only thinking of them as numbers. there is nothing worse than giving everything you have to save an animal and have it die on you. All you can do is pick yourself up and work even harder to save the next one. 

I will also do an article on waterways in future.
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