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Mainstreaming Transgenderism

How Mainstreaming Transgenderism Legitimises Child Abuse and Destroys Women's Dreams
 - Handsome Josh 10/05/2017

Caitlyn Jenner, what have you done?

College football player, Olympic decathlon gold medalist, TV personality, motor-sports driver, weird dad on the Kardashians and now Glamour's woman of the year. Now THAT is a man who gets things done!..wait no sorry I mean woman.

Since Caitlyn's rise to prominence there has been a mass pro-transmovement which has swept the globe. Transgenderism, now classified as Gender dysphoria in the DSM-V, is the new gay. It is going mainstream, it is to be normalised, accepted and then we will all live together holding hands in harmony.

And that’s a good thing right?

Certainly the intentions are good, how is being transgender any different form being gay. You were born a way that is different, your experience is different, why should you not receive the same rights and privileges as everyone else. It’s your life you can live it how you want, you only get one chance at it. As long as your choices are not negatively impacting others then what is the issue?

But that isn’t really so clear cut now is it?

As long as your choices aren’t negatively impacting others.

Firstly lets look at some data that is agreed on

The amount of transgender people in the Western world is very small, approximately 0.3 - 0.6% of the US or UK populations depending on which study you look at. These figures are of course hotly contested as practically speaking finding this information out for certain is nearly impossible.

The suicide attempt rate in the trans community is shockingly high, in most studies over 40%

Now how about the data that isn’t agreed on. Almost everything else.

I’m no statistician.There are numerous studies and depending what outcome you would like there is a study for you..a bit of a sad indictment of the inherent bias in any study. Studies that a pro-trans movement person will favour show that sex-reassignment surgery greatly improves the the suicide rate issue and an anti-trans movement activist will highlight studies that show no change or even an increase in suicide rate.

Studies and commentators all have a go at pinning causes onto what each study really means. Pro-trans say the suicide rate is due to discrimination and stigma while anti-trans conclude that it proves a mental health issue.

So what does this tell us? Trans people make up a small portion of the population and a large percentage of them are not very happy. Outside of that we don’t know a heck of a lot, plenty of studies contradicting each other, plenty of articles cherry picking what they can to prove their already decided agenda and plenty of vocal folk on both sides of the debate.

But I wonder, would it be that outlandish to think that maybe both views are correct to an extent? Could there be trans people who are suffering from terrible mental illness as well as those who are perfectly sane but could do with a little more acceptance from society. From my very limited experience with Trans folk both sides of the debate ring true depending on the individual in question.

So we have a small group of people, that are generally unhappy, that may or may not have a mental issue, that may or may not be unhappy due to discrimination. Is there anything wrong with having this go mainstream. I’m all for tolerance and acceptance and I think the intentions of this movement are great. A marginalised community in need of help, sign me up!

Now how does this harm children? The same way  the crazy pro vegan anti vaxx parents harm their kids. They hear about a societal trend, follow said trend in their own lives and then decide that their children, who can't really consent must too follow the trend. So you get babies starving to death and the reemergence of preventable diseases killing children.

So what do these crazy parents do exactly? Well they look at little Freddy and see him playing with a doll and think wow I have my very own mini-Caitlyn I’m so progressive! Lets fill him with drugs preventing puberty and making him a woman. Look how amazing I am, don’t you agree media?

"We sure do! That's not child abuse at all!"

Sound like bollocks..unfortunately not.

Avery Jackson, 9 NAT GEO Jan 2017 9yo, living as girl since she self identified at..

4  years old. I’m not a parent but isn’t it just possible that a 4 year old might be a little young to be making a decision like that, maybe a little vulnerable to outside influences. Remember that advert when they asked kids about that age what they wanted to be when they grew up. I want to be a Fireman, I want to be a doctor adn then that last girl I want to be a tiger and a princess. Well at least she has chosen the right gender for the princess part, how do we get her transitioning into a tiger. I mean she is old enough to understand this sort of thing right?

Cat picture?

Maybe that’s ridiculous. Maybe she really did want to be a girl. It’s a good thing too mother Deb has made quite the lucrative career out of it. I wonder though is it maybe possible that positive reinforcement could have accomplished this, constant validation? What would happen to her career if Avery changed her mind? Is it too late for her? Wouldn’t that just end everything? Imaging putting your child in that position.

Whatever the case young Avery's timeline seems pretty firm. At the age of 10 Avery will be placed on puberty blockers. These are medications that are used to inhibit puberty, the line of thought around these is that the earlier you start transitioning someone the more likely they will resemble the sex they would like to be so by blocking puberty you give the individual some time to fully consider their options. So putting aside the fact that you are giving medication to a child to prevent natures course. As this is a fairly new treatment (2009) there is next to no research available, and there are geniune concerns about the effects these have on both bone density and brain development. Think about that, brain development. You want to pause a childs, puberty in which they naturally transition from child to adult(which includes brain development) and you are doing this to ensure that the child is sure they want to go ahead with the transition...bit of a catch 22 isn't it, you won't have the brain to make anywhere near a decisiton as important as this until you actually go through puberty.

Once this is done and the call is made to proceed with the transition the child will then receive hormone treatment. What is oftne not reported by mainstream media is that this treatment will make the individual sterile and is most likely not reversibel. Think abou that you are making a child vulnerable to outside influences whether they are happy to become sterile for the rest of their lives. Any mothers out there

These then followed by hormone replacement therapy and finally genital reconstruction surgery.

I'm not a parent. And I don't think outside of maybe playing with some dolls I have ever identified as another gender (I'm sure my mum will correct me on this..potentially with photo evidence). I know of kids who used to think there were vampires, or horses or dogs I've certainly known girls who were tomboys growing up and who became princesses when they got older. But my own personal experience is very limited. There is currently no scientific basis thtatI would love to hear from some of you out there on this though.

The youngest australian at 4 years old with gender dysphoria  adminssions tripling.

Womans locker rooms, example of woman must see dick

Ok sure that is one viewpoint but how about acceptance. I totally agree give more acceptance but don’t overreach or it gets dangerous and it has already become dangerous.

So putting that to one side. How about womens dreams. Right I’m going to tell you a fact which is going to shock and dismay many of you, it's not a popular fact, certainly not in modern university social science classes but it is a fact regardless

You ready for it?


Talk to any, ANY biologist, any medical professional

We are different in so many ways but the simply most obvious part is physical.

Men are bigger, men are stronger, men are faster, men have more endurance (up to approximately 100km distances, then woman are better) That is fact and anyone trying to tell you it's some sore of demented social construct  is probably just bitter that their student loan they took out for their bachelor of arts is going to take a hell of a long time to pay off flipping burgers for macdonalds.

Now how does this pertain to mainstream transgenderism?

Here is how

And here

And here

I have no issue with you changing your gender, I don’t give a damn where you go to the toilet, I’d rather you didn’t wave your dick infront of my 4 year old neice but I doubt you’ll do that anyway. But you simply cannot overnight decide you are another gender and then compete against women in sport That is unfair that is dangerous. You are a tiny fraction of a minority, why do your rights suddenly outway the rights of thousands more woman. It is the epitomy of stupid and selfishness.

In a perfect world you would still be able to compete, there would be a transexual, asexual  osecual divisions in sports and eveyone can win a gold medal and celebrate unity in divesity but the simple fact is the world is not perfect. THere is not enough money for it to be perfect But you know what it's pretty damn good you can even put yourself in that position and life tat llife so be greatful for that. Other societies acceptance levels..well not so high