Maybe You're the Fascist -
The Fight for Free Speech 

-Handsome Josh 18/4/17

On December 2nd 1964, thousands of students marched at Sproul Hall in the University of California, Berkeley as a protest against the restrictions on political speech and action on campus. The demonstration was orderly, students studied, watched movies and sang folk songs.

This was part of the Free Speech Movement born at Berkeley University

On February 1st 2017 at the same Sproul Hall steps, what started as peaceful protest, soon tipped over into a violent riot in protest to pro-Trump conservative speaker Milo Yiannopoulos. Molotov cocktails, physical assaults, pepper spray, over $100,000 of damage resulting in the cancellation of the talk and notably no arrests.

Berkely UC Protests

I was familiar with UC Berkeley from my studies on the Black Civil Rights movement of the 1960’s. My only familiarity with Milo Yianopoulous was of course, that he was a white supremacist, misogynist, fascist  Nazi, hate preacher who radicalises young white know, the standard fare when you haven’t really looked into someone outside of headlines or your Facebook feed.

I’d never really paid him much attention but here I was on this path of actually questioning what I was reading so I thought; Right!, here we go, lets watch this guys rhetoric, lets see why these protests were justified.

Milo on Rubin Report

Oh..OK,  well spoken, well thought out ideas, clearly very intelligent. Still this is the 'Rubin Report' almost as politically unbiased show as you can get. How about an actual college talk?

Or even a full talk - they are all available online

Huh..OK, well he had some good points, many backed up with verifiable data. Also some opinions I vehemently didn’t agree with. He said some offensive things but weirdly enough even though I didn’t agree with him, the world didn’t actually end. But where was this hate preacher, Nazi, racist radicaliser?

"Woah! Maybe I’m being radicalised right now!"

Or maybe..just maybe..

"I am a God damned grown adult with a functioning brain who does not need ANYONE telling me what I can or cannot see or hear!"

Watch this objectively, it's a long video but the first 2 minutes is enough to illustrate my point.

Milo at DePaul University

Now finally watch this ‘Nazi white supremacist’ spread hate 10 minutes in.

Who is in the wrong here honestly?

Who is using violence and intimidation to force their views upon you?

Who are the Fascists, really?

How about this for an idea. When you don’t like a speaker's opinion. Don’t go! Or even better, go and at the Q&A section at the end of the talk, (where opposing views are prioritised) actually engage in conversation. Beat him with words. If you are in the right tell him, use logic, beat his arguments. He isn’t perfect, he says much that can’t be defended, any debater worth their salt could tell you whenever he is flustered he  immediately goes to way over the top outrageous camp talk to try and distract you. It’s this talk taken far too far which knocked him off of his platform.

The fact that protesters are going straight to censorship and violence does not say to me that he is wrong; but rather, it seems that they are afraid that he is actually right and are lashing out because they are unable to come to terms with it.

Do you see the inherent danger here?

By making ridiculous exaggerated claims that Trump and his supporters are in fact the second coming of Hitler and Nazism; then people feel they are justified to go to extreme measures to combat them and in doing so become what they are supposed to be fighting against.

Berkeley Riots

This over the top anti-free speech culture isn’t just in USA campuses, it has moved like a plague throughout much of western society.

City University of London, London, United Kingdom

Home to one of the country’s most respected journalism schools this university had the tabloid newspapers; the Daily Mail, Sun and Daily Express banned by their student union. All three banned publications have right wing bias.

Should a journalism school really be banning alternative points of view? Do you see the worry here?

Auckland University, Auckland, New Zealand

The European Students Association was forced to shut down due to threats of violence. And their crime? using Celtic symbols and having a motto's such as ‘strength through honour’ and ‘our pride is our honour and loyalty’.

From their own words they had planned to promote European culture on campus, including Medieval reenactments, concerts and European cuisine and were open to people of ALL nationalities and beliefs.

This even caught the attention of New Zealand's former world squash champ, come $200,000+ annual salary, race relations adviser, Susan Devoy.

Don’t get me wrong if they started breaking the law certainly ban and prosecute them, but on this spurious evidence?! for gods sake this is terrifying.

House of Commons, Ottawa, Canada

Just last month Motion 103 was passed during the 42nd Canadian Parliament. This advised that the government should condemn ‘Islamophobia and all forms of systemic racism and religious discrimination’.

This sounds great on the surface however there is no clear definition of what ‘Islamophobia’ is exactly. Are we talking about Islam as a religion or is it somehow racial, or is it in fact about Islam as a political and legal ideology?

Why does Islamophobia itself need to be singled out? Surely if it were racial or religious discrimination then this would be covered under the terms; ‘Systemic racism and religious discrimination’? Going by that logic then what they are saying is that they are referring to the political and legal ideology and that is absolutely terrifying.

Think about exactly what that is saying.

The government should condemn prejudice against a political and legal ideology.

A political ideology:

  • Which places a women's testimony in court as being the value of half a mans
  • That permits child marriage 
  • That can allow a rapist from escaping punishment if they marry their victim
  • Which permits domestic violence 
  • Which outlaws homosexuality with punishments including death 
  • That is often literally interpreted to justify horrendous terrorist acts around the globe 

And many more completely outdated ideas totally at odds with today's modern society.

A motion is not law. However, they can be the very first step towards a bill of law and the fact that it has come this far based on emotion is incredibly worrying.

You should ALWAYS be able to criticise political ideology. Can you think of other times in the worlds history where political ideologies have received legal protections from criticisim?

I'll give you a couple clues.

Melbourne, Australia

The documentary ‘The Red Pill’ which follows one feminists exploration into the Men's Rights Movement in the USA was cancelled from it's November Melbourne premier. This was due to a mass online uproar and petition which convinced not only Palace cinema's into not screening it, but has also intimidated other cinemas into following suit.

Why is it that 4,000 so-called 'feminists' feel that the general public are too stupid to make their mind up on a film? If anything this reeks of trying to cover something up.

Red Pill (2017) Trailer

Could this come at a cost? Absolutely.

There is another film due to be released 'Vaxxed' which attempts to tie vaccinations with autism. It is directed by Andrew Wakefield who is  a multiply discredited, former medical researcher, convicted fraudster; who literally makes his money from killing children.

Do I agree with the movie? HELL NO.

But what is going to be effective here? Screaming and protesting and threatening conspiracy theorists with violence?

You think that will make them change their perspective? Or is that just more likely to confirm evidence in the conspiracy theorists already skewed minds that the government has gotten to us too?; Resulting in mass clandestine meetings where downloaded copies of 'the film they don't want you to see' are distributed freely.

Wouldn’t it be better to completely debunk every single assertion in the film with reason, engage in conversation with these people, try and at least convince the sympathisers where they might be going wrong?

And finally, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Somalian refugee, Female Genital Mutilation opponent, best selling author, scholar, former politician and true Feminist; cancelled her trip to New Zealand and Australia earlier this month in part because of security concerns. We don’t know what the specific threat was but we do know that people want to kill her. You can't get more clear cut than having a death threat meant for you stabbed into the partially decapitated body of your friend and colleague.

Individuals and groups have been placing pressure on the venue security and insurance companies to cancel the talk, whether this played a part we do not currently know.

Who are these people to think that they know best for us?

I had tickets to this talk. I wanted to hear from Ayaan first hand and in addition actually engage the protesters in conversation to hear their side. I thought that would make for a fantastic article on this site. But as it stands that right was stolen from me; as was my right to make my own opinion on a Men's rights documentary; as too were the rights of Berkeley students who dared to be open to hearing an alternative point of view.

The most frightening aspect for me in all of this, is not these horrible twisted folk forcing their own views through violence and intimidation; but rather good people, people I love, freely allowing their own rights to be eroded away out of some misplaced vague guilt that they are somehow apparently supposed to be feeling. Even worse than this though, is the minimisation, defence and even in some cases support of violence to support their existing bias; spoon fed by an increasingly corrupt media agenda.

This stuff is real and it is happening NOW and will continue to happen unless we make a stand and call these issues out for what they are.

Free speech is absolutely critical in any free society.

Many thanks for your time,

Handsome Josh :)