Why I'm glad Trump is President

 - Handsome Josh 28/03/2017

Do you remember when Trump won the election?

I had just started a new job, second browser window open eagerly following the live prediction on the New York Times website.

It started off so Democrat blue. All polls had Trump being destroyed. Finally, this disgusting human being who had only made it this far due to some deal with the devil was going to get his comeuppance. It was going to be a massive middle finger toward every racist, homophobic, sexist, islamophobic, trans-phobic person in the world and it was going to be awesome.

Do you remember the pre-election headlines?

'The Guardian', 'Sydney Morning Herald', 'Huffington Post', 'NZ Herald', 'Stuff.co.nz', 'BBC', 'Washington Post', 'New York Times', 'CNN'. All had Trump being destroyed, just so tremendously destroyed. Mainstream media united against this blight on humanity!

I remember when that blue prediction started going Republican red. The nerves on Facebook posts, the sick feeling in the pit of my stomach reminiscent of when Brexit came in.

"Surely not."

"How is this possible?"

"Brexit was a warning, people will be motivated to vote this time. Surely hate cannot win!?"

Markets crumbled. People lost their minds. Pandemonium. Depression

President Donald J Trump.

How on earth did we get here?

I went to bed that night in total shock; how could there be so much hate in the world? So many racists, sexists, islamophobes, homophobes. The ideas just went around and around in my head. How is this possible?

Brexit, now this?!

I like to think I’m reasonably well travelled, I’ve lived in London for 8 years, travelled much of Europe and my most significant relationship to date was with an American, so I’ve seen further than just the USA tourist highlights. It just didn’t make sense. I simply couldn’t marry-up in my mind this vote for intolerance with what I have seen of the world and the people I have met.

"Can’t these people read?"
"For Gods sake it is in every reputable paper what this guy is about!"

"Don’t you watch ‘Last Week Tonight?’ or ‘The Daily Show’ or ‘Saturday Night Live’ or ‘The Kardashians’ or any Hollywood award ceremony?"

"What is wrong with YOU?!"

So, the next day I had a mission.

Find out why Trump got elected.

I started reading more broadly outside of my normally favoured publications, I started listening more carefully to a wider range of commentators, and I stopped swallowing headlines at face value. Basically, I started doing what my favourite high school History teacher had taught me some 20 years ago.

Be critical, do my own thinking. Look from all sides and find out where the truth lays.

It wasn’t long before I started to find alarming irregularities.

Remember when Steve Bannon was named White House chief strategist? Do you remember the headlines? White supremacist, Nazi!, 'Racist now taken over the White house!'

I was appalled and thought, 'Right! Here we have it. This will prove once and for all that all those voting for Trump are voting for white supremacy.' All I needed was irrefutable evidence proving this guy's overt racist-ness. It’s a digital internet age, surely there must be hundreds of videos of this guy spreading hate!

So I started searching, Google, YouTube, mainstream media. So many headlines purporting him to being this Himmler reborn, yet not one ounce of actual evidence. Nothing. In fact, on balance, I found far more actual evidence to the contrary.

And you know what? This really started to annoy the hell out of me. Here I was hating on this guy because the ‘media’ said I should. How could there be such a difference between what I’ve read and what was reality? Something is terribly wrong here.

I kept reading and I kept on finding these massive irregularities. The real tipping point for me was Trump's inauguration speech. I read about it for a full week before actually watching it. The articles were furious about this Hitler reborn. Anger! Nationalism! White supremacy! World War 3!

But then I watched it and it was a totally different speech from what I had read about:

Trump's Inauguration Speech

Why the lies? The media talks about Trump being divisive, but from everything I can tell they are the ones causing the division.

I don’t like Trump, but this clear bias scares me for two reasons.

  • If the media continues to lie and exaggerate or to repeat a phrase ‘turn the volume up to 11’ on everything Trump does, then what is going to happen when he actually does something seriously wrong? We will all either be completely desensitised or the more enlightened of us would have given up entirely on media as a trustworthy news source.

  • If the media is following a set agenda, what other opinions are being forced upon us? What other stories have we been lied to about?

Try this activity:

In 2015 Michael Brown was shot and killed by a white Ferguson police officer; this led to riots and the birth of the 'Black Lives Matter' movement.  Without looking it up write down what you think you know about his death.

Done it? Good. Now look it up; look for the facts not opinion. Now, see how that compares with your memory.

Here’s another. Write down what you know about the 2015 New Year's sexual assault incident in Cologne, Germany (if anything). Now look it up.

How does your memory compare with the facts?

Notice any key differences?

Think back to the campaign trail when Trump first announced himself to the world by calling Mexican’s rapists.

Now, with an open mind, without any preconceived ideas, watch the actual video of what he said:

Trump on illegal immigration

Marry that up in your head with the fact that currently 80% of woman trying to get into the US illegally are being raped or worse without consequence.




Rape the price to pay

Think about that. Think about the headlines you swallow whole, the opinions you repeat and digitally share.

"Sure, they didn’t report exactly! But so what?"

"His rhetoric is offensive; the media should be allowed to exaggerate!"



If the media lies then people will stop listening, if they cry wolf then people will stop responding.

Report the facts. Let them stand for themselves.

Don’t get me wrong Trump can come across as an absolute idiot. He miss-speaks a lot. He watches too much television. He is too thin skinned. He is a stereotypical alpha-male CEO. But he is different and people in the States are sick of the current status quo.

Tell a family of five in Ohio with a foreclosure on their home due to the financial crisis and no job due to a local manufacturing plant moving offshore that they have 'White Privilege'.

Now who are they going to vote for?

The brash, sometimes offensive, inelegant guy promising to bring jobs back to the USA, improve national security and crack down on illegal immigration or Hillary Clinton:

  • Who was more interested in courting out-of-touch elitist celebrity endorsement rather than in actually visiting real people in contestable states.


  • Whose own party was caught red-handed illegally rigging her nomination ahead of Bernie Sanders.


  • Who has a well documented relationship with the banks responsible for the huge 2008 financial crash leaving hundreds of thousands of ordinary Americans homeless


  • Who called Trump supporters and sympathisers 'deplorables' and worse.

Hillary Deplorables

These same people who voted Obama four and eight years ago are now voting Trump. It’s not because they are sexist. It’s not because they are suddenly racist. It’s not because they are homophobic or xenophobic or any other phobic buzzword.

It’s because he is different and he actually listened to their needs.

I don’t like Trump. But if he didn’t get in I would still be living blindly in my own echo chamber, driven by this increasingly corrupt media agenda. An agenda which can have serious real world consequences; from violent protests against free speech, to freedom restricting policy change right through to how international terrorism is handled.

So, I am glad Trump is President and I hope this will be a trigger for others to start challenging the information they receive and even re-evaluate beliefs that may no longer hold up to scrutiny.

Sure, President Trump might turn out to be a failure; but that failure might just be the catalyst required for positive change in both Politics and Media for years to come.

Many thanks for your time,

    - Handsome Josh :)