What Wonderfully Diverse Nazis!

- Handsome Josh 10/12//2017

Milo, Milo, Milo. What have you done to us?

I don't think I could ever be your friend, but I'm so incredibly glad you are here.

I may not always agree with what you say, but I will fight for your right to say it.

Last week some 2,500 people attended conservative personality Milo Yiannopoulos's Melbourne show only to be confronted by some of the smelliest protesters in Melbourne protesting history.

Furious that citizens might want to hear a point of view that varied from their own implicitly trusted biased media and cultural institutions, these social justice warriors were out for blood!

I attended with two guests who hadn't experienced crazy violent lefties before. Unlike them I was fully versed in the appalling violent leftist insanity that is currently gripping the Western world. From the USA, to Britain, Germany , Canada and Australia the insanity cultivated in university arts and social science departments is fast becoming out of control and is spilling on to the streets.

I was nervous, I'm hardly the most intimidating of guys and with a gammy knee I was concerned about my ability to help protect myself and these women with me if the worst was to happen.

I needn't have worried.  An incredible police turnout coupled with hundreds of decent upstanding attendees had me feeling a little more relaxed.. And yes a part of that relaxation was due to the presence of that very small group of agitators, who although I don't really support them, I know they would physically defend us if we were attacked. This is the same group that always seems to make it on to mainstream media news as representative of an entire movement.

Our reception in the queue was instant; "Fuck off Nazis!", "Nazi scum!", "Traitor!"

We just smiled. I mean what could you say? "No we're not Nazis?" How do you even entertain such an extreme delusion? These feral folk are as certifiable as they are pungent.

Another accusation from a terribly earnest preening older woman:

"You've been brainwashed! Why would you want to see a mysogynist?"  

We've been brainwashed? Us? Also what the hell do yo know about washing!?

We are actually going to see this guy speak in person in order to make our own minds up. We're not a part of an unruly mob, spewing hatred, insults, racist chants and bad smells (seriously guys). We're not led by a balding albino walrus with a microphone, a penchant for telling people what to think and a sick fetish for ruining young lives. We're not the ones frothing at the mouth with righteous indignation and burning hatred, a hatred which much like the stench was almost palpable.

Despite this completely unjustified abuse, we however don't actually hate you. You've been misled and lied to, and I know you genuinely think you are doing the right thing..but then again so did Saddam and Stalin, and Mao and Pol Pot and Jeffery Dahmer and Michael Jackson and Hitler..oh wait no that's right I'm the fascist...apparently.

Can I ask you something?

Who exactly was spouting authoritarian views, advocating against free speech, judging people on their skin colour, advocating and committing violence, burning books, wearing black uniforms and masks?

Seriously, when was the last time you looked in the mirror? Oh wait..let me guess, about the last time you saw a shower?

Your ideology has fallen prey to extremism, it's usefulness expired, its been left unchallenged to corrupt and fester and it stinks, it stinks bad.

You need a shower. It will wake you up, its not too late, there is still time. It took me many years but I got there eventually.

We passed through security, away from the triggered screams of the great unwashed. The place was packed..a little too packed. The venue had to be changed last minute due to venue owners getting spooked by the lefty crazies. As such our seats were not great and we could barely see Milo....but it didn't matter, not one bit. What did matter was  that thousands of people were able to get together in relative safety and listen to another point of view despite the extreme intimidation of probably the most deranged city in Australia.

The protesters had played their part admirably. Beautifully hurling abuse (and rocks and bottles) at attendees, bellowing out accusations of what they believed Milo to be. Accusations cultivated in garbage media outlets, corrupt university institutions an overly cuckolded Silicon Valley. Armed with this apparent narrative all attendees then got to see and hear from him with their own eyes and ears. They got to interpret what he was saying with their own brain..and guess what? Perception and reality did not match, not even close. Forever convincing those attending how cancerous the falsification left has now become.

The talk was much like his other talks, all available online. Some points I agreed with, others I didn't. Sometimes I laughed, sometimes I didn't. The world didn't end when his opinion varied from the audience...well with one exception..his shocking revelation that he prefers Marmite over Vegemite. "Nazi scum!”

He is unashamedly pro Western culture and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Pro-human rights, pro-women's rights, pro-self responsibility, pro-free expression, pro-freedom. And he is anti anything that interferes with those ideals.

The speech finished to a resounding applause. He actually did it, I really didn't think it would get this far. I had been following updates on multiple protest pages 'Campaign Against Racism and Facism', 'No Room for Racism', 'Socialist Alternative' 'Socialist Alliance' ‘DLATP’, ‘Whistleblowers, Activists & Citizens Alliance' There had been a lot of talk of violence, threats to people and property, talk of Molotov cocktails, gun threats, urine bombs and direct threats to photograph attendees, expose them on social media in order to have them fired.

It was amazing to see people are not scaring anymore and standing up to these very organised but ultimately gutless crybaby bullies.

As we were leaving I noticed a young Kekistani man (#freekekistan) filming the crowd narrating over his video about the wonderfully diverse bunch of Nazis in front of him. Men and women, old and young, white, brown, black, smiling faces, good friendly people. It was a touching moment, cut short by the sounds of the deranged mob as we exited the venue.

Fortunately the Victorian police had expertly manoeuvred the walking compost-heap away from the entrance in order to ensure our continued safety.

I spoke with a Jewish guy as we were leaving. His family had been decimated in the holocaust..yet to these protesters he is a Nazi too? Can you imagine having that level off putrid ignorance? His family were tortured and murdered by actual Nazis and you are equating him with that? And for what? listening to the flamboyant opinions of a gay man who refuses to have his political opinions determined by extraneous factors like skin colour and sexuality?

Come on protesters..it's time. Have a shower. Wash off that ideological filth, that corruption, that small mindedness, that identity politics, cultural Marxism, perpetual victim-hood. Rise up and overthrow that fat bald walrus and the talking prune. They hate you really. They want to keep you down and angry because that increases their dominance over you.The last thing they need is you to get a decent qualification, a decent job, meet a decent person, have a decent family and a decent life. That would destroy them and everything they stand for. They need you bitter and angry, a perpetual victim, it allows them to direct your rage for their own perverse means.

There is no saving them, but there is still time to save you.

Many thanks for your time,

- Handsome Josh :)